John & Kristen

Kristen Couperus

Originally from Pennsylvania, Kristen moved to Florida to enjoy living a life in the sun! Kristen brings years of experience in visual merchandising to CoupACabana. She has unique style and a true eye for design. She hand paints, stains and finishes each piece of furniture. Kristen owns and operates CoupACabana's sister shop, The GypSea Cottage.

Meet John and Kristen Couperus, two beach bums who fell in love and moved to sunny Florida. They have put their passion for love, art, and life to work in their creation of

Coup A Cabana.

The Coup's are the couple that make what you see online and instores come to life. Have you found a picture of something you like but are not sure where to begin? There is no project too big or small and the price is always right. Reach out today and let the Coup's start

building for you. 

John Couperus

CoupACabanas' main man. John has always had a true passion for art and design. When arriving in Florida to live closer to the ocean and escape the northern winters, he decided to use his degree in drafting and design to build his wife some pieces of furniture. He quickly turned this hobby of building furniture into a small business. John is the craftsman behind all of CoupACabana's work.